Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Art Fair!!

Our school had it's art fair today. J and I entered sculptures this year. They were really fun to make. The first thing we did was make a sketch on paper of what we wanted our sculpture to look like. I used one of my toy dogs as a model, and Josh used his stuffed giraffe. Then, we got some coat hangers from our next door neighbor's dad. He has to wear a suit to work, so he had a lot from the dry cleaner. Mom cut off the hanger part, and we straightened them out. Then we laid them down on top of our drawings and bent them into the shapes we had drawn. We had to do two of them so the sculpture would be fat.
After that, we stuck the bent coat hangers into styrofoam and used short pieces of coat hanger to attach them together. Mom mixed up the epoxy putty and put it on for us. It smelled like poop. yuck.
When that dried, we took pantyhose and stretched it over the frame. Well, first we put them on our heads, but that kind of hurt, so then we stretched it over the frame. We put the styrofoam part down in a box and poured plaster in it so it would be heavy on bottom. The plaster kind of looked like thick milk, but Mom said to not drink it.
After the plaster dried, we painted the sculptures, and then sewed on the ears. I had sewn before, but Josh hadn't. He did pretty good for a 5 year old.
Joshua won first place in his class, and I won 3rd place! Sweet! It was a fun art project. You should try it.