Wednesday, March 14, 2007


We learned about Matisse today in art class. He was a French artist and made some really cool stuff. When he got older, he had cancer and was in a wheelchair. Then, he started making cut paper collages, so we made some in class just like he used to!

This one is mine and is a ring master in the circus. That's the tightrope at the top, and the posts that support it on the sides.

Joshua made this one. He said it is a superhero with a really tall hat, and his superpuppy, protecting the earth from a giant meteor.

He also made this one - on the right are the Smoky Mountains, the brown part is England, the yellow sticky-down part is Italy and the yellow part on the left is Hawaii. That's Mama, with a blue hat, between England and the Smoky Mountains. That's the sky at the top...

And I drew this one. It's Mama. That's the atmosphere swirling around her feet. She's like that. She's 38, but don't tell anyone I told you.



Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Our First Art Class

We had our first art class today. Ms. Sandy told us all about Wassily Kandinsky and his artwork. He painted alot of abstracts based on music, so we did some paintings while we listened to music. We got to use pastels, pencils and markers. It was a lot of fun, and I was really glad that Joshua didn't freak out. He was pretty nervous, but then he started painting, and he wasn't nervous anymore. We're looking forward to next week and what we'll learn then!
The first two are by me (Derek) - I used scissors on the second one. Cool.
These are by Joshua.