Wednesday, March 14, 2007


We learned about Matisse today in art class. He was a French artist and made some really cool stuff. When he got older, he had cancer and was in a wheelchair. Then, he started making cut paper collages, so we made some in class just like he used to!

This one is mine and is a ring master in the circus. That's the tightrope at the top, and the posts that support it on the sides.

Joshua made this one. He said it is a superhero with a really tall hat, and his superpuppy, protecting the earth from a giant meteor.

He also made this one - on the right are the Smoky Mountains, the brown part is England, the yellow sticky-down part is Italy and the yellow part on the left is Hawaii. That's Mama, with a blue hat, between England and the Smoky Mountains. That's the sky at the top...

And I drew this one. It's Mama. That's the atmosphere swirling around her feet. She's like that. She's 38, but don't tell anyone I told you.



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Linda said...

Matisse was a very exciting artist, and he would have loved your work -- both of you! Is your mom like a superhero, so that the atmosphere swirls around her feet, or is she just always in a whirl? I suspect she is just in a whirl most of the time. Thirty-eight year olds are like that -- but they usually outgrow it eventually.